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About Us

The Green Treets team has over 10 years of experience cultivating, extracting, manufacturing and dispensing hemp and Cannabis products in Colorado. We craft our CBD Oils from organically-grown Colorado hemp, and our products are thoroughly tested by a 3rd-party, CLIO-certified laboratory. We are one of the only CBD companies in the United States that has control over every aspect of the manufacturing process from growing the hemp, to extracting the oil, to formulating the final products you receive.

In the past 10 years we have helped over a million consumers and we have used this experience to develop our unique product formulations. Our experience and commitment to manufacturing the highest quality products ensures consistency and sets the standard for excellency with our unique, effect specific products that are designed for each unique consumers needs. 

The Green Treets™ Brand

We created the Green Treets™ brand to empower you, the consumer. Cannabis, hemp and CBD can be a little confusing to understand. There are over 100 compounds in the cannabis plant, all of which may produce various effects. Our products are formulated with years of experience and utilize CBD as well as other cannabinoids and terpenes in varying formulations to create Advanced CBD products.

Our Values



We strive to be role models in the industry and build trust with everyone our brands and products touch.


We are perpetual learners and we recognize our duty to help teach others and grow together.



We are committed to leading the creation of innovation in an industry where the rate and amount of discovery is almost unprecedented.


We pursue our passion with unwavering intensity.


We’re a team of good people, committed to quality over quantity and to making a living doing what we love.


We are committed to using scientific methods to deliver reliable and consistent products that meet the needs of today’s consumer.

The Green Treets Product Line

We Strive…

  • To provide empowerment and growth opportunities for our team
  • To provide the highest-quality Cannabis and Hemp products at fair prices to our consumers
  • To be an ethical lighthouse for the industry through integrity, innovation, and trust during the end of prohibition…
  • …and to have the time of our lives while we do it.

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