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Dosage Guidelines

This website contains general science information. The information is not advice and is not a substitute for advice from a healthcare professional. We do not make any health claims.

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Decide how you want to take CBD.

  • Oral forms such as tinctures, sprays, soft gels, and gummies.
  • Inhalation methods such as vaporizers and raw flower
  • Topicals like lotions and patches.

Start low and go slow.

Begin with a low dose and increase the amount every few days until you find it is effective.

Be aware of the side effects.

CBD containing products can make you sleepy. If you experience this side effect take a small dose in the morning and a larger dose in the evening.

Consult your healthcare practitioner.

If you experience any uncomfortable or disconcerting side effects, discontinue use and consult your health counselor.

Dosage Chart

The CBD Awareness Project offers dosage guidelines —

**Per 10 pounds of Body Weight.
Divide your weight by 10, then multiply that number by these dose amounts below.

How do you know how much CBD you’re taking?

Most CBD products should tell you the total mg of CBD in the entire product, as well as how many mg of CBD are in a dose.
With tinctures, for instance:

Let’s say you have a bottle of CBD oil that has 1000mg of CBD total (in the whole bottle).

If the bottle is a 30ml bottle, and 1 dropperful is equal to 1 ml, 1000mg total divided by 30ml means each dropperful would have 30mg of CBD in it.

So if you want to take about 15mg of CBD, which is on the higher end of micro-dose for a 150lb person, you’d take 1/2 a dropperful of that particular tincture and see how you feel.

Most tinctures that you purchase will tell you on the label how many mg of CBD are in 1 serving, dropperful, or number of drops — so you can carefully measure out your dosage. Everyone is different, so check your labels and contact the company if you aren’t sure!

If you are taking capsules, the bottle should clearly tell you how many mg of CBD are in 1 capsule.

With vaping, it’s a bit more difficult to say, but on average, you generally get about 1-2mg of CBD per “pull” (or inhalation) from the vape – but this varies, so check your product. Raw flower can be more or less potent depending on the individual strain and batch test results.

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