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     Ten years ago today, on October 19, 2009 the US Department of Justice issued the “Ogden Memorandum” which ushered in the era of Medical Marijuana. The new policy approved by the Obama Administration allowed Medical Marijuana businesses which operated in accordance with State laws.
It was on this date that my family decided to embark upon the journey in Colorado. By July 1, 2010 our company (Green Tree Medicinals) was “established and operational” with two Dispensaries, a large indoor Cultivation facility and a “MIP” where we produced cannabis derivatives such as concentrates.
Coincidentally, exactly nine years later, on July 1, 2019 the State of Florida legalized Hemp, which is defined as cannabis containing less than.3% THC. Again, our family opened the Green Treets CBD store in South Miami, Florida selling a wide variety of quality hemp oil products including Tinctures for sublingual consumption (under the tongue), Cartridges and Flower (inhalation), all sorts of Edible products including dark chocolate and gummies, plus Topical products for pain relief and skin care.
Our observation has been that only a small percentage of our friends and family have even heard of hemp oils, much less understand anything about CBD, Cannabinoids or Terpenes. Many think Hemp is Marijuana and fear it will get them “high”. We spend substantial time educating and have invited Doctors and Board Certified Clinical Nutritionists to hold seminars and answer questions.
Amongst those who are our customers, we have observed that they predominantly seek help with three conditions. They are, Sleep problems, Pain, and Anxiety. Fortunately, hemp products help with each of these. We have had remarkable feedback particularly with Sleep issues. One customer said she had not slept in two years and now is sleeping well. Another suffers from Parkinson’s and reports that since taking our Green Treets oil tincture that he is sleeping well.
For pain, the Topical formulations give fast effective relief while the oils help the body deal with systemic pain issues such as those with arthritis.
Cannabinoids such as CBD have a relaxing effect and have worked well to calm our anxious customers.
We have also provided CBD to particularly anxious dogs at the PAWS 4 YOU Rescue and are told that they are seeing noticeable positive results.
The awareness about Cannabinoids and CBD is slowly increasing and we expect it will dramatically increase soon, when the Florida Department of Agriculture begins to issue Hemp cultivation licenses and more Florida Companies enter the industry.
We are proud to again be a “pioneer” in cannabis. We believe that plant (Phyto) Cannabinoids are vitally important to support the Endocannabinoid system in humans and animals to the extent that someday soon they will be taken as often and normally as vitamins and omega 3 oils. Our bodies produce these essential substances and we already consume them in foods such as dark chocolate, carrots and Echinacea. The Cannabis plant produces them in far greater quantities. The future has finally arrived. Come visit our Green Treets store at 6108 South Dixie Highway in Miami.
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