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There is some confusion when it comes to the names given and claims made about the oils extracted from the Cannabis plant and derived products.
To begin, Cannabis Sativa plants produce over one hundred Cannabinoids. The most well known being THC and CBD. They also produce Terpenes, which give flavor, aroma and effects such as energy or relaxation.
When the amount of THC in the plant is more than .3% it is considered to be “marijuana”. As a practical matter, the marijuana plants which have a psychoactive effect and get you “high” typically are above 10%. The marijuana “flower” sold in a Dispensary is usually about 20% THC and even as high as 35%. In contrast, plants below .3% THC are defined as “Hemp” and are legal both Federally (since the Agricultural Act of 2018 known as the Farm Bill) and in most States. For example, Hemp became legal in Florida on July 1, 2019.
Extraction is the method by which oils are removed from the plants utilizing solvents such as butane or by CO2. When the extracted oil contains all of the characteristics of the plant that is called “Full Spectrum”. The crude oil is then usually cleaned by methods such as winterization but the Cannabinoids and Terpenes remain intact.
True Full Spectrum oil contains a significant amount of THC. The combination of all of the substances in the plant is referred to as a “synergy” and the holy grail is the “entourage” effect which is deemed the most valuable to the Endocannabinoid system in humans and animals.
However, since marijuana remains Federally illegal and Hemp is now legal, companies are producing “Full Spectrum Hemp Oil” which is the fully legal combination.
However, some employers do drug testing and do not allow THC. So, “Broad Spectrum” products have come about, which is Full Spectrum minus all THC.
Research to date has determined that certain Cannabinoids have the most beneficial effects. These include CBD, CBDV, CBC, CBG and CBN. So, some companies produce products using just those Cannabinoids. They can also be referred to as Broad Spectrum which can be confusing. I imagine one day soon they may be called Special Spectrum. In any event, many believe this arrangement is the most beneficial grouping.
Green Treets believes this to be true and uses that grouping coupled with particularly chosen Terpenes designed to target specific effects such as for Sleep, Pain Relief and Relaxation (anti-anxiety). Those are the issues customers complain about most and seek to remedy.
Green Treets refers to this combination of Cannabinoids and select Terpenes as “Advanced Spectrum” and other companies are copying this model more frequently.
Green Treets also has proprietary formulations for Focus, Energy and even to enhance Pleasure. We also carry other Hemp Oil Spectrums
Finally, you should be familiar with the term “Isolate”. When Hemp oil goes through a process called “distillation” the individual Cannabinoids can be separated and then are referred to as “isolate”. The most popular and important isolate today is CBD as it is an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and aids in relaxation. Many companies sell just CBD alone. Since it is only one Cannabinoid it is not a spectrum. It is as if Red was separated from a rainbow. CBD is the most dominant Cannabinoid in Hemp and even in Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum comprises the largest percentage.
Consumers need to be careful about buying products from disreputable companies who use terms such as Hemp Oil from Hemp Seeds as they contain no Cannabinoids whatsoever. Part of the problem is that major sales apps such as Amazon will not allow the sale of products containing CBD. So, some companies refer to their products (which do contain Cannabinoids and CBD) as Hemp oil opening the door for other companies to sell products as Hemp oil which have essentially no nutritional value.
Reputable companies, such as Green Treets CBD state the amount of CBD on their label. They have third party independent testing labs verify that the amount claimed is in fact the amount being delivered. In fact, the tests typically show results several percent higher as some companies are being sued for misrepresentation Of their Hemp Oil Spectrums.
For more information about Cannabinoids and Terpenes visit the Green Treets CBD Store in South Miami, Florida or go on line to Green Treets.
The CBD Project is a great place to find more information about CBD’s benefits.
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