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Kickback Coffee OG Cali Rise, 8 oz, 90mg nano CBD


Kickback products have a higher body absorption rate that create a more functional chill. They have a proprietary extraction method that does not use any synthetic emulsifiers, preservatives, or harsh chemical solvents. 1mg of hemp derived Nano CBD has the same potency and feel of 5mg to 10mg of regular CBD or CBD isolate. This organic hemp comes from a biodynamic farm and uses no pesticides, providing all of our products with a natural cannabinoid profile.

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Kickback’s OG Cali Daze Coffee is a low acidity, smooth and mild coffee blend.

Contains Arabica coffee beans from Chiapas, Mexico.

90MG of Nano CBD per bag.

Contains floral fragrance notes.

Has underlying flavor notes of cedar, butter, and nuts.

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